Mobile Technology – Week 7

Title :The influence of technology in pop culture on curriculum and instruction: the iGeneration of children has a unique set of learning characteristics that must be taken into account when teaching Author: Derrick Mears Source: JOPERD–The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. 83.8 (Oct. 2012): p15. Age Group: Elementary but goes all the way up […]

Peer Review #1-Moblie Learning (k-5) Week 6

Title:  Examining the influence of a mobile learning intervention on third grade math achievement Author(s): Derick Kiger , Dani Herro and Deb Prunty Source: Journal of Research on Technology in Education. 45.1 (Fall 2012): p61 Date: Fall 2012 I chose to study mobile technology on the k-5 grade classrooms this week.  I chose this because I am very interested in how I can incorporate more technology in my […]

Video Use #2

Article title: YouTube in the science classroom: tips on incorporating this popular video file-sharing website into your science lessons Author: Jerry Everhart Journal:Science and Children. Publication Date: Summer 2009 I found this article interesting because I think there is a fair amount of controversy about the use of YouTube in classrooms.  I tend to use it a lot more […]

Peer Review #1

The theme I chose to study this week was video for elementary students k-5. I chose this because it is the age of students I work with and think that I could benefit from the information that I find. The article “Timing is Everything”  was written by Debra Drury in 2006. I realize that this is not the newest […]

Creative Commons Website Listing

1. Flickr Here, students can find photos that are ok for classroom use! There is so much here, just have to search! Great for research projects, photo editing,  or just general information. NETS 1-Creativity and Innovation NETS 2-Communication and Collaboration NETS 5- Digital Citizenship 2. Photo pin Used with flickr, this is another great site to […]