I’m a full time mommy, wife, and teacher.  I love this busy life and would not have it any other way!

I’ve been married to my husband for 4 years.  We got married in college and started our family young.  We had our daughter right at the beginning of our last year of college.  He was finishing his masters, and I was getting my teaching licence!  It was a crazy time, but we made it! 18 months later, we had our son.  We had moved back to our hometown, and were surrounded by family and friends so round two was much easier!!  Now they run around like crazy….it’s so much fun! I love coming home those two smiling faces!

Currently, I’m working on my master’s degree and teaching full time.  I teach first grade at a fairly large elementary school.  I’m one of 5 first grade teachers.  It’s fun to have so many people to bounce ideas off of, but sometimes it’s exhausting (it’s hard to get 5 people to agree on EVERYTHING!)  Overall, we love each other and have a great time teaching together!

Lastly, I am a volunteer basketball coach.  My husband is the assistant varsity girls coach for our high school, and my dad and I take care of the freshman girls.  It’s so much fun! I love playing, and since I don’t do that anymore, coaching is the next best thing! Every now and again I get brave and condition with them :).

I love my life and am excited for what our future holds!!!

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