Mobile Technology – Week 7

Title :The influence of technology in pop culture on curriculum and instruction: the iGeneration of children has a unique set of learning characteristics that must be taken into account when teaching Author: Derrick Mears Source: JOPERD–The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. 83.8 (Oct. 2012): p15. Age Group: Elementary but goes all the way up […]

Peer Review #1-Moblie Learning (k-5) Week 6

Title:  Examining the influence of a mobile learning intervention on third grade math achievement Author(s): Derick Kiger , Dani Herro and Deb Prunty Source: Journal of Research on Technology in Education. 45.1 (Fall 2012): p61 Date: Fall 2012 I chose to study mobile technology on the k-5 grade classrooms this week.  I chose this because I am very interested in how I can incorporate more technology in my […]

Video Resources

1)The first resource I found is one that I think can be very useful to teachers who are  thinking about incorporating video into their classrooms.  It is s slideshare broadcast that tells about the positives of using videos in classrooms.  It gives statistics, research findings, even some ideas of how to use video in your […]

Video Use #2

Article title: YouTube in the science classroom: tips on incorporating this popular video file-sharing website into your science lessons Author: Jerry Everhart Journal:Science and Children. Publication Date: Summer 2009 I found this article interesting because I think there is a fair amount of controversy about the use of YouTube in classrooms.  I tend to use it a lot more […]

Peer Review #1

The theme I chose to study this week was video for elementary students k-5. I chose this because it is the age of students I work with and think that I could benefit from the information that I find. The article “Timing is Everything”  was written by Debra Drury in 2006. I realize that this is not the newest […]