Creative Commons Website Listing

1. Flickr Here, students can find photos that are ok for classroom use! There is so much here, just have to search! Great for research projects, photo editing,  or just general information. NETS 1-Creativity and Innovation NETS 2-Communication and Collaboration NETS 5- Digital Citizenship 2. Photo pin Used with flickr, this is another great site to […]

NETS review…

Wow.  What a wealth of information this week.  There were so many things to review and think about that I don’t even know where to start. I loved watching videos where different people talked about all the different ways that technology helps so many other people.  I think there are so many people who don’t […]

Oh, I think I like it!

I think I could get into this blogging thing!  I really like looking at different themes and seeing how to move different things around.  I’m hoping that I get to the point to where I want to blog outside of class.  I think this could be a good way to release some stress I have in my […]